The Concept

The idea of creating a new supplement product series aiming for beauty, weight management, and at the same time fulfilling the healthy living principle of the company started in 2013.

In 2014 the new series was borned - The LUQUA Series, to be interpreted as the LUXURIOUS QUALITY Series. The LUQUA Series together with the THERABIO Series are under the big umbralla brand of PLANTBIO RESEARCH company, established in 1992 with 28 years of formulation research & development experience.

In 2015, the first product under the LUQUA Series was launched - the first generation of lustre collagen LuCOL. After five years, the new generation of lustre collagen, known as LuCOL-S and together with a nutritious meal replacement, dèDELIMEAL were introduced to the market early 2020.

The oficial grand launching of LuCOL-S was done with great success in the third quarter of 2020.

The Research & Development work of new and upgraded formulation in PLANTBIO RESEARCH never stop as we only present the best of our researched products to our consumers.