The essential nutrient for anti-aging, the key to age reversal.
the formula of LuCOL-S contains

  • 7.5 gm of low moecular weight (average of 500Da) collagen peptide from Germany
  • supported by high potency Squalane derived from Olive
  • coupled with natural vitamin C from Camu berries and high antioxdent multiberries
  • experiece the rejuvenation effect as fast as 7 days

LuCOL-S The Amazing 7 Lustre Collagen

The collagen in skin and cartilage cells will gradually deplete as we aged. By synergizing the unique properties from various antioxidant-rich berries, fruits, hydrolyzed marine and bovine collagen, LuCOL S is specially formulated for individuals who are particularly concerned about restoring their collagen level and rejuvenating those collagen-rich cells in their body in a natural way. Skin and cartilage cells contain high level of collagen, which would deplete slowly as we aged.


Drink sufficient water for better absorption

Due to the natural properties of the ingredients, its colour, flavour and sweetness may vary slightly for every batch

No added sugar in this product.

The amazing effects with LuCOL-S

Wringles reduced | Overall firmness (face and breast) | Complexion brighten | Pigmentation lighten | Acne condition improved | Acne scar reduced | Joint (and back) movement and pain improved

Way to consume:

Enjoy this refreshing beverage once a day advisably during breakfast or before dinner. For each serving, mix 1 sachet of LuCOL-S in about 200ml of water (cold or warm), shake or stir well before consumption.